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2021 DEC 04 Dr Graham Lyons Raw Truth Its Evil we are dealing with Globally and a mindless society

Gary Green
Published on 12 Dec 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Adelaide Dr. on Truth and pulling No Punches

⁣1. This is an experiment on the entire global population
2. A pandemic of people who have decided not to think
3. Pharmakeia (Far-mak-I’-ah) to trick to beguile
4. We’ve Been Fed a Lot of Lies!
5. You Are Not Free
6. Who Is the Man in The Mirror? A Healer or A Harmer?
7. Reckoning \ ˈre-kə-niŋ , ˈrek-niŋ \ The Avenging Or Punishing Of Past Mistakes Or Misdeeds

⁣Dr Graham Lyons
Research Fellow
University Adelaide, South Australia

Dr Graham Lyons - Adelaide, South Australia

Besides being an incredibly nice man, Dr Graham Lyons reads books, a lot of books. He has studied all things politics for decades, and believes things are not always as they seem.

Take a glimpse into his world of that knowledge here in this short video and share your thoughts about it in the comments below.

⁣ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://rumble.com/vq7h54-dr-g....raham-lyons-adelaide

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