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2023 JAN 23 Climate Scientist Tony Heller Reveals Global Warming is Artificially Created

Gary Green
Published on 23 Jan 2023 / In News & Politics

⁣THIS IS AUSTRALIA: Climate Scientist Tony Heller Reveals Global Warming is Artificially Created on Fraudulent Data Manipulation & Concealment.


 Fraudulent Data Manipulation & Concealment

Climate Scientist Tony Heller Reveals Goddard Institute of Space Studies NASA GISS ((Formally it was the New York City office of the GSFC Theoretical Division)).

Corrupted the Temperature Data, BOM in Australia has been Cooking the Books and Hidden Data to shift the Average Temperature Baselines to reflect what they want to support the fraudulent theory.

Honest Meteorology and Atmospheric Physicist don’t practice Fraudulent Data Manipulation & Concealment and call it a scientific theory.

Senator Malcolm Roberts champions Nation Building based on Honest Science and Theorisation not Fraud & Concealment and brings into our lounges a world-renowned Honest Climate Realist Tony Heller: he takes us through the actual data on temperature and climate and reveals the manipulation and concealment that’s been done.

 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The Malcolm Roberts Show #1


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