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2022 SEP 13 The War Against Ivermectin Is One of The Most Heinous Criminal Acts in Human History

Gary Green
Published on 13 Sep 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣Dr. Paul Marik Explains the Latest Study on Ivermectin & COVID: ‘’ We Could Have Saved 600-800k Lives (in the USA alone)’’

"The human cost is enormous and the reason this was denied is simply profiteering and making money for big pharma and their interests"

And there is not only the direct human of the death toll of those dying from Covid that were denied access to this medicine.

There is also all the avoidable hospitalisations & illnesses, the countless deaths from the vaccine and the damage done to the vaccine injured, included all miscarriages, and then there is the Covid economic carnage.

Those actively engaged in the war including Australia’s TGA, our politicians, Big Tech, the media - when we add up the death & damage, they have committed an atrocity - on of the most heinous criminal acts in human history.

ORIGINAL SOURCE Craig Kelly: https://t.me/craigkelly/2891

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