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2022 OCT 22 Australian Colonel Bosi on Putin and Zelensky

Gary Green
Published on 28 Oct 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣Ricardo Bosi's epic Ukraine speech from the Australian Neutrality march with Russian subtitles.

 English Translation

P1EN) Lieutenant Colonel Ricardo Bosi leader of the Australia One party: Russians in Ukraine are fighting for peace! During the march for neutrality on 10/22/2022, Colonel Ricardo Bosi delivered a speech at the rally.

P2EN) He began his speech with a prayer; the marchers prayed for the peoples of Russia and Ukraine. Bosi said that the people of Ukraine are not to blame for the war to which the ruling regime is driving them. The people of Ukraine have been deceived by the Khazarian ruling mafia and do not understand that the Russians are not their enemies. Russians are fighting for peace between Ukrainians and Russians.

P3EN) After the Russian victory, the Russian and Ukrainian peoples will stand shoulder to shoulder, as centuries before. Now a poisonous snake has wrapped itself around the Ukrainian people and hisses angrily, but Russian soldiers will cut off the head of the snake and bring peace to the land of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin, on behalf of all honest people, cuts off the Snake’s head! Our government is trying to muddle people’s minds and justify sending weapons and money to Ukraine. But this is deception.

P4EN) We should not support Zelensky's Nazi regime. Each of us in Australia must fight against this support, for the neutrality of Australia. The Russians are our natural allies. We will fight to end support for Ukraine, and we will win because no one can stop the coming of the future!

ORIGINAL SOURCE DETAILS: https://youtu.be/lZ6v-M5J3rA

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