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2022 MAY 24 WEF Au e-Safety Commissioner Inman Grant says OL free speech needs recalibration 1984

Gary Green
Published on 24 May 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣There’s always the poison pill slipped into the good ideas that’s how evil has been making progress in society on poison pill at a time

OPINION → CONTROLLING FREE SPEECH - is a fatal POISON PILL to a healthy society

 Here's Australia's e-Safety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant telling the World Economic Forum that online free speech will have to be recalibrated.

This agenda is coming. You must be prepared. Sign up to nationfirst.substack.com for critical information in the fight for freedom.

OPINION → FREEDOM OF SPEECH WARNING: Australia's e-Safety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant FAILS our Freedom of Speech SMELL TEST.

If I’m not mistaken, we are seeing the rise of Fourth Reich Socialistic Communistic Fascist Nazism and its hotbed is within the WEF: World Economic Forum)

Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Government in 2015 created the framework for thought policing; of course, under the guise of eSafety, who could resist such and Idea when it’s wrapped in these metaphors “Empowering all Australians to have safer, more positive experiences online” who would want a Government Body with a mandate to coordinate and lead the online safety efforts across government, industry and the not-for-profit community. (see fn01)

 As of 23 January 2022, Australia has a GOVERNMENT WATCH DOG with TEETH: The purpose of the Act is to build on the existing online regulatory framework established by the Enhancing Online Safety Act 2015 (Cth) and to give the eSafety Commissioner greater investigative and enforcement powers.

 What is it protecting use from that the existing Common Laws did not do? Now that’s sure to be a million-dollar question; at first glance I’m not seeing any obvious offenses that could be done via online content that existing laws wont cover to deal with crimes against an individual living human.

 What I’m seeing appears to be the rise of the “Ministry of Truth Syndrome” welcome to 1984 ie. A Government with a mandate to Keep use in the Dark; Keep us Warm and Fuzzy and Keep the steady flow of Bovine Waste on the drip flowing into our sensory ports.

ORIGINAL SOURCE George Christensen: https://t.me/gchristensen/1460

ORIGINAL SOURCE fn01: https://www.esafety.gov.au/sit....es/default/files/201

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