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2022 MAR 08 Gen Flynn Says Putins Ukraine invasion has upset balance and plan of the NWO Great Reset

Gary Green
Published on 28 Mar 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣ » 4cminewswire opinion:

Disrupting the New World Order Great Reset Plans you would think is a great thing to do; not so according to Legacy Media who immediately went into epileptic editorial fits attacking General Flynn from all angles Legacy Media has become quite unhinged with this news. Never Mind Joe Biden saying the same thing.

It would appear Putin’s Mission to demilitarizes Ukraine Denazify Ukraine and destroy the New World Order infrastructure has been extremely successful Joe Biden said America will have to pick up the NOW mission!

We do know the Deepstate has just lost 30 Bio-Labs which were funded during the Obama era by USA DoD and Russia has revealed the primary focus of the labs was bio- Weapons being developed directly on the Russian Border against Ukraine was the buffer between The NATO Lines and Russia as Ukraine was the Resource Base for the NWO the Globalist Elite NOW had free run in Ukraine and the store house of its dirty tricks have been vapourised along with its private nazified Army/Enforcers which Putin will execute there will be no prisoners from the “Nazi Military Battalions”.

What the Russian Special Forces have destroyed and or captured my never be fully known


General Flynn: Someone like Vladimir Putin has now upset this balance of the New World Order that they were trying to achieve by going into Ukraine.

And you know, and I’m probably the last person that’s going to be a Putin apologist. I wont be, but what I do understand are the dynamics that are playing out in Ukraine right now and I sent you something earlier, Clay, and we don’t need to go into the details of it, but all of what we are seeing play out in Europe right now is an Upsetting of the balance of the new world order as they want it as people like Dr. Harare as people like Klaus Schwab and others. Bill Gates is another one.

So, we have to understand that. These are people that are very smart. They’re very well resourced and they have a very sort of strategic idea of how they want to see the world develop and God and a soul are not part of that strategy.

Title: “The Great Reset”
Subheading: Dr. Zelenko | General Flynn, Klaus Schwab Advisor Yuval Noah Harari Believes Free Will Is Dangerous Thrivetime Show: Business School without the BS Published March 8, 2022
Original THRIVETIME SHOW Source 01:

Title: New World Order Balance of Klaus Schwab & Bill Gates Upset by Putin Invading Ukraine – General Flynn
Original RVM Source 01:

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