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2022 MAR 07 Simon Parkes the Truth of Russia, Ukraine, Military Tribunal and New Kingdom Age Coming

Gary Green
Published on 09 Mar 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣→ BIBLICAL EVENTS we are living in.

→ CHINA: President Russia is using Gold Backed Currency.

→ CHINA: President Xi Jinping is working with the Whitehat’s.

→ COVID Firstline of Genocide was/is Hospital Treatment Protocols i.e., Remdesivir & Ventilation and withholding Early Treatments Protocols of HCQ. and IVM.

→ COVID Secondline of Genocide was/is the Covid-19 Gene Therapy Injections ie. (Vaccines).

→ COVID The Whitehat’s Military say this COVID Virus is not killing People.

→ RUSSIA SPY SATELLITES: They recorded an increased Heat Signature picked up at Chernobyl (this was the turning point) Spinning Uranium for Nuclear Weaponry Putin shared this Intel with the Pentagon and the Whitehat’s said go and deal with it.

→ RUSSIA: President Putin is working with the Whitehat’s.

→ SIMON PARKES everything will be done by JUNE 2022 (and Simon pointed out this will be done and dusted nothing left to do.

→ TAIWAN: will see a similar event as Ukraine – as Deepstate/CCP power brokers have built DARK INFRASTRUCTURE in Taiwan and Xi Jinping like Putin is going to utterly; destroy this and take out the power brokers.

→ WAR for the WORLD


⁣ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://rumble.com/vwcthb-simo....n-parkes-connecting-

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