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2022 JUL 28 NEVER FORGET what they want you to Forget Already they’re Starting to Back Track

Gary Green
Published on 29 Jul 2022 / In News & Politics


Never forget what they want you to forget because already they’re
starting to back track. Already, they’re starting to say, “I never said things
that they clearly did say” Fauci is out there saying “I never said we should be
locked down”.

Never forget that he (Fauci) did say we should be locked

Never forget that he (Fauci) did say “that you and your
children should muzzle yourselves” to something that clearly never worked.

Never forget that they never let us listen to opposing
Doctor views Listen to opposing science views.

Never forget that they blocked, censored, and deleted us
speaking out against this.

Never forget that they created this.

Never Forget that the thing that they created when it was
making your loved ones sick when it was making your loved one die and you
suggested Hydroxychloroquine and you suggested they laughed at you they mocked
you they ridiculed you and they prevented them from using it.

Never forget that they said, “This was the solution this is
going to give herd immunity”. This is going to solve the entire problem and now
what are they saying, “we knew it wasn’t going to work”

Never forget that you lost your job for refusing to take
something that they knew wasn’t going to work.

Never forget even worse you took something that they knew wasn’t
going to work just to keep you job and at best you’re going to get the thing
that it supposed to prevent at worst you’re going to get serious effects.

4cminews says: Remember nothing’s going to happen to these

criminals unless we do remember, unless we do not remain silent, and unless we
do speak up and above all Never forget “You have every right to Be Mad, So Get Loud, Stay Loud”

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