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2022 JAN 13 Valencia Spain Police Announce We Are with the People Not with Corrupt Politicians

Gary Green
Published on 24 Jan 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣WORDS FROM THE FRONT: Spanish Police Declare Resistance to Covid Tyranny and Corruption-- State That They Are United with Police Forces Across Europe((https://celiafarber.substack.c....om/p/words-from-the-

⁣PRIME SOURCE CELIA FARBER((https://substack.com/profile/24406004-celia-farber Investigative historian of deep fake virus agendas, from "HIV" to "Covid-19," anti-tyranny in all forms, contributor to The Epoch Times, UnCoverDC.)):

⁣” We promised to protect and serve the people not the corrupt politicians.

We feel very proud to be police but real police, not hit men of the government.

Our association is in direct contact with members of security forces in Italy, Portugal, France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, and Holland.

We’re going to join together all of the police of Europe.

We’re going to stop this.

The security forces and the armed forces are the key to all of this.

We have to put ourselves on the side of the people and turn our backs on the corrupt governments!

We have denounced the Covid passport here in Valencia with our association.

We’re going to demand responsibility from Señor Marlasca for the two states of emergency, and for using the police and the Guardia civil to coerce the citizens.

We don’t support that.” (( https://celiafarber.substack.c....om/p/words-from-the-

⁣SPEAKER Sonia Vascovacci https://www.policiasporlalibertad.org/

⁣ORIGINAL PRIME SOURCE: https://celiafarber.substack.c....om/p/words-from-the-

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