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2022 Feb 28 Richard Railey Putins Mission in Ukraine to Stop to The New World Order Great Reset

Gary Green
Published on 01 Mar 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣Richard Railey: for Goodnews sake START THINK!

We are all in Election Cycles therefore the Democrats are now lifting mandates and restrictions.

The Russia N.W.O. purge is not ravaging the country of Ukraine legacy media are getting caught using images from old conflicts in other parts of the world and lying to the world fabricating reports which have zero infinity with truth.

“Trucker Convey” is 200K trucks heading to the Washington DC. Legacy Media are not
telling you this!


PULL your MONEY from the Major banking conglomerates National Banks

ORIGINAL Canadian Girl SOURCE: https://youtu.be/sKetfPkhLew

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