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2022 FEB 26 Riccardo Bosi update the Head is coming off the Snake in Ukraine we are saving Australia

Gary Green
Published on 02 Mar 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣Parliament House, Canberra, Australia Riccardo Bosi explains WE ARE VERY CLOSE and the
dispute in Ukraine is not what the MSM are leading us to believe.

Riccardo Bosi Ukraine is the Head of the Snake!

4cminewswire: During the last 6 days the SPETSNAZ have launched a full-on Assault in Ukraine with the specific mission to cut the head off the NWO Snake

The Russian Special Forces have basically in five days decapitated the New World Order
infrastructure; liquidated a massive military structure

Special attention was paid to the Deep State US DoD funded Obama Era Bio Labs SPETSNAZ under orders from Putin have been destroyed at the last count 7 of the 11 Labs we know about pubically.

The Azov A30B Military strong holds have been basically surrounded from all directions
by SPETSNAZ Putin has made it very clear that any soldiers engaged from A30B will not be taken alive their mission objective is to utterly vaporise the Nazi presence from Ukraine and they have no intentions of keeping them alive to only reform somewhere else.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://rumble.com/vw4o18-ricc....ardo-bosi-ukraine-is

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4742878c8 7 months ago

He's a Trump fan, the jury is still out on this guy.

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