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2022 FEB 16 AU SAS Lt Col (Ret) Riccardo Bosi the War for the World Continues 19 FEB CONVOY CANBERRA

Gary Green
Published on 17 Feb 2022 / In News & Politics


→ LRAD Sonic Weapons

→ Electromagnetic Weapons

→ Interfered in people’s private communications ie blocked uploading video feeds Cell Towers taken down in ACT

→ Illegally blocked alternative camping grounds stranding people until Courts ruled Police acted illegally

Any suggestions of go away and come back at the end of march is the plan to lose the battle and be subjugated There is no Coming back at the end of March we must not let them pass any more draconian laws and the DIGITAL ID Bill

WE STAY UNTIL THEY LEAVE government must be dissolved immediately

ORIGINAL SOURCE 01: https://rumble.com/vv482q-aust....raliaone-party-the-w

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Diane Drayton Buckland
Diane Drayton Buckland 12 months ago

The world freedom protests - the war for the world continues

Canadians about to lose every human right - Trudeau to legislate Measures Act against Protesters

Disgusting and Sickening LA police brutality ! The globalists and their minions days are numbered as they start to show their true colours around the world awaken your sleepy friends that we are at war and this ends


World Economic Forum trained many leaders including Scott Morrison, Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau

The end is near for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

What is the Great Reset? TOTALITARIANISM

Klaus Schwab's Traitors -- A More Complete List - henrymakow.com

Reiner Fuellmich Corona Virus Grand Jury

Attention All World POLICE and MILITARY and people of the world
Canada's peaceful 1776 is now the 2022 Freedom Truck Convoy. Moving the chairs on the Titanic does absolutely nothing. Now is the time for radical change to free us from our tyrannical Governments.

Attention All World POLICE and MILITARY and people of the world
THE COVID19(84) GENOCIDE OF 2020 ~ CLAIRE EDWARDS Must Watch & share

Australian Federal Police used SOUND WEAPON on Canberra Freedom Convoy

New HIV super-strain is found in the Netherlands | Perpetual Pandemic Perpetual Fear

Australian National Review - FDA Executive Officer on hidden camera reveals future COVID policy

Mainstream media is the real enemy and must be shut down. Also Jamie McIntyre from Alternate news media Australian National Review also runs Truthbook so let's all join up. No censorship for truth tellers and truth seekers.

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Diane Drayton Buckland
Diane Drayton Buckland 12 months ago

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Ricardo and all the other incredible people fighting against hideous and heinous political and medical tyranny globally and this should get every person who wants a free Life free speech civil rights medical rights human rights and all freedoms into action against these monstrous psychopathic global TYRANTS and globalists orchestrated by the head monstrous tyrant Klaus Schwab and his world economic Forum and all his pet globalists and their wrecking Ball destruction of all our democratic countries and annihilation of all our human rights!! This is insane and no-one can sit back we are all in this!! We are in the fight of our lives for our lives and we the people of the world demand that all mandates and all other tyrannical governments actions are abolished now and forever more.

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