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2022 FEB 14 Extremely High RF levels allegedly taken from Camp Epic on Saturday Afternoon

Gary Green
Published on 16 Feb 2022 / In News & Politics


ALERT: AFIPN has received video of extremely high Radiofrequency (RF) levels allegedly taken from Camp Epic on Saturday afternoon.

AFIPN cannot verify the accuracy of this meter, but we believe the footage is critical to
share. What we are seeing on the screen is a concern. As explained, we cannot verify if the EMF meter is faulty or if you can manipulate the reader. However, we welcome any experts to comment on this video. The Trifield TF2 is considered a reliable EMF unit.

The RF peaked at 19.8 mW/m², when we put the 19.8 mW/m² into a calculator to change it
to µW/m² it came up as 19800 µW/m².

Anything under < 0.1 µW/m² is no hazard, 0.1 µW/m² to 10 µW/m² is considered a slight hazard, 10 µW/m² to 1000 µW/m² is considered a severe hazard and anything over
1000 µW/m² is considered a extreme hazard, with this unit almost hitting 20 times over the extreme hazard level.

AFIPN is aware of major reports of severe sunburn including on the lips of a large number of protestors including our own staff, unprecedented levels of sunburn despite widespread sunscreen usage.

However, we ask that viewers be mindful that AFIPN does not have access to the EMF reader to test its accuracy. We decided in public interest we should post this.

Please be aware the video contains swearing.

ORIGINAL SOURCE AFIPN: https://www.facebook.com/austr....alianfreeindependent

ORIGINAL SOURCE AFIPN: https://fb.watch/bc17fLqsmB/

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