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2022 DEC 17 The Truth How Covid Vaccines Impact the Heart with Dr McCullough and Dr Malhotra

Gary Green
Published on 31 Dec 2022 / In News & Politics

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Big Pharma Subterfuge

A sit down with two leading cardiologists from two sides of the Atlantic, Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Aseem Malhotra, to understand how the
COVID-19 vaccines impact the body, especially the heart.

“There has been a suggestion—and I think this is probably subterfuge from the PR industry of pharma—that mild COVID may be causing all the sudden cardiac deaths. And the evidence is just not there for that at all,” says Malhotra.

Once an outspoken advocate of the COVID-19 genetic vaccines, Malhotra changed his mind after the sudden death of his father compelled him to take a closer look at the data.

“Roughly 15 percent of people who have taken the vaccines are damaged by them,” says McCullough, one of the most published cardiologists in America and the Chief Scientific Officer of The Wellness Company.

McCullough says the risk of adverse effects from the mRNA vaccines is particularly high for those who were previously infected with COVID-19.

“There are patients who are triple vaccinated, and then they get COVID. So they have a fourth exposure now of the spike protein. There is a cumulative risk here,” he says.

In this episode, the two doctors break down the data on the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, bias in the scientific literature, and what people should do if they are concerned about their health.

Original Source: URL: https://youtu.be/NX7eBxUIXC8

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