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2022 APR 29 Putin its not an idle threat tells NATO not to intervene response will be lightning fast

Gary Green
Published on 29 Apr 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣Quote: If somebody external decides to intervene [in Ukraine] creating unacceptable strategic threats for Russia they should be aware that our response will be lightening fast. We have all the instruments that we need… the kind that nobody else can show off. But showing off is not what we do – we will simply utilize them

For any numbnuts who can’t comprehend what Putin’s just said:

STREET TRANSLATION: is stay out of Ukraine if you come into Ukraine’s conflict and start pissing on us, you’ll feel our response like a bolt of lightning, don’t try us we will do what we say!

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Freebound1 1 year ago

Say what you will about the man, he means what he says.

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