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2022 APR 22 Removing the Head of the Globalist Snake with Riccardo

Gary Green
Published on 23 Apr 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣⁣Riccardo Bosi – Length 01hr:00:22sec

Compel the Governor General to step down and appoint a housekeeping team to do

MANDATES: Remove all mandates and covid-19 laws the illegal government and state governments have put in place

ELECTORAL PROCESS: Clean completely out the countries electoral process to enable for the first time free and fair elections

→ Currently the incumbent Unholy Trinity are dropping the mandates is too trying to put us back to Sleep

→ Putin/Russia in Ukraine Cutting the head off the head of the snake

→ Australia has a couple of Bioweapons Labs which media wont report about to the public

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