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2022 APR 20 Fiona Martin gets Aussie Cossack arrested despite his legitimate invite to attend event

Gary Green
Published on 20 Apr 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣Fiona Martins attacks dogs trying to keep a hard-hitting independent journalist asking Fiona Martins the hard questions at the Drummoyne Sailing Club - 02 9719 8199

My hands are shaking, my heart is crying. My husband did not break any law!!!

Aussie Cossack was invited personally by Fiona Martin and has been arrested. He is in custody at Burwood Police Station at this moment!

#AussieCossack suffers a political arrest by AFP

Simeon Boikov had a genuine invite from the event organisers and had the right to attend but hey members of the NWO socialistic communistic political class like Fiona Martin don’t give a shit and our rights! or FREEDOM OF PRESS

Mrs. Cossack posted on Telegram: https://t.me/AussieCossack/2472 My husband has just been arrested by Burwood Police!!!
📞Please everyone Call: Burwood Police Station to stop this disgraceful arrest – (61) 02 9745 8499

👨‍⚖Help support our legal fund via PayPal https://www.paypal.com/donate?....hosted_button_id=8T9

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://t.me/AussieCossack/2472
ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://t.me/AussieCossack/2473
ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://t.me/AussieCossack/2474

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