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20211125 Peter McCullough, Senator Ron Johnson, Brian Tyson, Tess Lawrie and Australian Politicians

Published on 26 Nov 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Tess Lawrie, Peter McCullough and Dr Brian Tyson. Attended by four Australian Senators and three current House of Representatives members.

Australian Politicians Present include:

MP Craig Kelly
MP George Christensen
MP Neil Angus
Senator Malcolm Roberts
Senator Gerard Rennick
Senator Alex Antic
Senator Matt Canavan

Frontline Doctors can save lives and freedoms and paint the way forward to

quickly end declared Covid19 pandemics in Australia and around the world.

With Mainstream Media Campaigns often funded by the People’s taxes, have been
shown young victims of Covid19 gasping for air in Hospital

The people have been told medications with Decade’s old use and safety records
are Poisons or are only good for use on horses.

The people have been obstructed from Medications.
In Australia, John Skerritt heads the TGA and they have actually classified Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as Poisons; one explanatory note actually explained that it was to funnel people into adopting the Clinical Trial Vaccines (to prevent the perception that there is an alternative to the Vaccines Available).

The people have had a wedge driven between themselves and Doctors.
This has been achieved in Australia through the TGA obstructing Medications and

through AHPRA, led by Mr Martin Fletcher, via a campaign of warnings and suspensions of
medical professionals who have given their honest and researched risk benefit assessments of the vaccines and who may believe the current clinical trial vaccines are not in the best interests of some, many or almost all Australians.

The people have been tricked into thinking they are all in harm’s way with
minimal chance of surviving Covid19.

The People have been tricked into thinking Vaccines will slow or stop people
from catching or transmitting Covid19.

The People have been tricked into thinking the Vaccines offer the best way to
reduce death and Hospitalisation

The people have no idea of their own risk profile for Covid19; to get some idea
see: www.mycovidods.org

The Doctors have had their rights to practice their profession compromised in a way where they can no longer express their honest risk benefit assessments of Novel Technology Clinical Trial Phase Vaccines and where they can no longer offer normally what they beleive to be available safe and effective medications for the prevention and early treatment of Covid19.
As Peter McCullough states, the only court (given the legal court systems around the globe are failing at almost every turn to preserve the people's freedoms and the people's rights to
choose what medications and experimental medications go into their bodies) is the
people's court.
To this end, our Australian Politicians have never had a more important or more responsible role to play than to help these doctors educate the people to the solutions at hand and the dangers to avoid; people kept so long in the dark by the forces losing theri grip on maintaining this darkness.

In this video Robert F.
Kennedy’s book ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ is strongly recommended by Senator Ron


Peter McCullough shared 5 key usable, provable and clear principles:

a. Covid ONLY (⁣practically) spreads from people who are symptomatic.
b. Thus, NO asymptomatic testing is needed or is of any value.
c. Natural immunity is much better than the current Novel Technology Clinical Trial Vaccines; You CANNOT ⁣(⁣practically) get Covid again if you have had it.
d. Covid is quite easily treatable when treated early
e. ALL current ⁣Novel Technology Clinical Trial Vaccines are NEITHER safe NOR effective.

Please share this Video with ⁣https://www.ourfreedomtube.com/v/22IlzH

or if you want to embed it:
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JBOZZ 1 year ago

Shouldn't this by now... be more a debate about 'how we can go about exposing and bringing down this worldwide global tyranny which is hellbent on enslaving all humanity'..?? Rather than a debate on.. how we can best fight a flu-like virus? It should be fairly well established by now, that we are dealing with an 'ultra-sinister criminal empire', on a monumentally huge scale.. that has never, ever, been seen before? ... Oh.. and TIME IS FAST RUNNING OUT!!

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