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20210523 Dr. Simone Gold heading the charge to go after the Covid19 Villains

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Published on 30 May 2021 / In News & Politics

Covid19 Early Treatment Cover-Ups in the US
Covid19 Vaccines Push - A Jab in Every Arm - No Matter What
Coercion of experimental treatments (Vaccines)

Millions of lives lost so far through this behaviour but the good guys are saving lives.

Australia's Government Led by Scott Morrison
Australia's National Covid19 Clinical Evidence Task Force led by ⁣Associate Professor Julian Elliott
Australia's TGA Led by ⁣Adjunct Professor John Skerritt

They all appear to be doing EXACTLY the same thing
a) Insuring No Early Treatments are Known to the Public
b) Pushing Clinical Trial Phase Vaccines in a massive "crap shoot" where they KNOW about significant risks.

Here's a Peer Reviewed Covid19 Early Treatment Guide in the US

Australia's Government, Cheif Medical Officers, Monash University Led TaskForce, State Premiers, National Cabinet Pushing Coersive Counter Nueremberg Code Vacciner Passports), the TGA , Australia's Media ALLplay a part int a similar pattern of Covid19 Behaviour and one day will likely all be held to account as will their US Counterparts.

That many lives spent and lives being effected by irreversible experimental vaccines will need those people responsible for the witholding and obstruction of early treatment and those people implementing,advertising and Coercing people into the experimental treatments to be held to account.

Those to be held to account will not only be Heads of Government, Heads of Health Authorities, Academic individuals knowingly conducting smoke screen and even fraudulent Clinical Trials to prevent Early Treatments, Academeic Task Forces Cherry Picking Studies - again to ⁣prevent Early Treatments, Academic Institutions with Vaccine Shares Conducting studies aimed to prevent early treatments....
It will also be heads of Media Organisations with big interests in companies that produce Vaccines - acting to prevent ⁣Early Treatments
It will also be Heads of Big Tech (Facebook , Youtube, Google , Twitter) ⁣with big interests (and income) in companies that produce Vaccines - acting to prevent ⁣Early Treatments
It will also be Heads of Medical Journals, for slow walking and even rejecting studies on Early Treatments and for accepting studies aimed at blocking early treatments from institutions that do not declare conflicts of interests
It will also be Medical Associations ⁣with big interests in companies that produce Vaccines - acting to prevent ⁣Early Treatments

One by one , or perhaps quicker than that, the cries for justice from millions of dead, millions of injured , millions that were economically devestated and millions that have been psychologically devestated will find a voice and ⁣those that participated in this sordid medical corruption and their push to hide early treatments and their push to Jab every arm accross the globe will face judgement and justice will be done.

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