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2021 SEP 18 Aussie Doctors Gagged by AHPRA they can not say what they think re Covid Vax

Gary Green
Published on 19 Sep 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Anyone who ever wondered why your GP's and medical health practitioners seemed to be so
complicit to the jab - here is why

Australian Registered GP speaks out AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation
Agency) Gag Order in May 2021 issues on COVID VAX GP’s cannot tell you what their professional opinion is!

TRANSLATED “YOU ARE NO LONGER SAFE VISITING SUCH GP’s as they fear the loss of their licences more than any risks to your health. (They cannot say and are not saying what he/her/their professional opinion is for the patient they are treating!)

YOU CANNOT TRUST YOUR GPs CONCERNING THIS COVID JAB the advice they are allowed to say is regulated and orchestrated controlled by the Australian Government and TRUSTING ANY GOVERNMENT VIOLATES THE 3 GOLDEN RULES

Government in Australia is absolutely interfering with your sacred DOCTOR PATIENT
RELATIONSHIP; doctors are failing you being compromised by coercement and threats from AHPRA and the Department of Heath

THE AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL COMMUNITY IS BEING PLUNGED INTO DISREPUTE in 2021 and if unless All the Doctors stand up and defy this gag, I think the medical society of Australia will never recover from its fall to disgrace!

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