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2021 SEP 07 Judge Dr Rui da Fonseca e Castro goes alpha on police in Portugal and rightly so

Gary Green
Published on 13 Sep 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Sadly, In Australian Frankly our Judicial Judge appear to be Gonadless like a palace full of Eunuchs not an ounce of Alpha blood between them all

Portugal: Honourable Judicial Judge Dr. Rui da Fonseca e Castro stands up to the tyranny and police state.

Maybe one of our own politicians, judges or other bureaucrats will stand up for us instead of just talk, talk, talking.

The Portuguese judge, Dr. Rui da Fonseca e Castro, one of the only serious ones in the Portuguese Magistracy, confronts police officers who were preparing to beat people who did not have a mask on public roads. This excellent man is completely against all this paranoia, whether it's masks, vaccines, lockdowns, or anything else related to plandemic

⁣ORIGINAL SOURCE: Carlos Vasconcelos (2021 SEP 07) https://youtu.be/p7ZVgiBykl4

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