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2021 OCT 11 Spains Health Authorities Admit SARS CoV-2 does not exist 9th country more to follow

Gary Green
Published on 24 Oct 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Question: Why is mainstream media not telling you this is the 9th country Admitting SARS CoV-2 does not exist and more to follow?

David Mahoney from / Mahoney TV based in Spain reported on the 14th
September a Class Action Law Suit has been filed and the Spanish Government have been requested to provide the evidence that SARS CoV-2 exists which require them to provide the evidence of the virus has been isolated and all the Governments Laws of the Bio-security emergency only hold power if the virus does exist and the government can prove that to be so; if they fail to do so all the Bio-security laws are void; therefore any offences accused are void.

11th October 2021 David Mahoney from / Mahoney TV based in Spain reported the Spanish Health Authorities Admit they do not have the evidence of an isolated virus to prove Covid-19 exists there for the position of the Government is “Covid-SARS 2 does not exist”.

The flow on from this will be prosecutions of bureaucrats and politicians and Health Providers and many more organizations. THE DRUMBEATS FOR JUSTICE and the sounds only going to get louder!

ORIGINAL SOURCE 2021 SEP 14 Part One: September 14, 2021


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