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2021 OCT 07 Australia Know Your Rights Brad Hazzard mandatory vaccinations are NOT MANDATORY

Gary Green
Published on 08 Oct 2021 / In News & Politics


Proof vaccinations aren’t mandatory, great news for Victorians, specific questions to ask your employer and/or the government. 7 Oct 2021

On tonight’s video, we addressed some key points from today’s court case against Brad Hazzard, including evidence, presented in court, proving that vaccinations are NOT ‘mandatory’.

We went through some very positive news for Victorians who are concerned about losing their jobs under the new ‘no jab, no job requirement’.

We have been absolutely bombarded with questions from people wanting to know exactly what they can send to their employers, so we went through those questions, in detail and even showed where to download a basic form letter as well.

And, to finish off, we went through some more simple, but powerful memes and another important testimonial.

As always, we’ll cover some very powerful and very timely information so please share this around as far and as wide as possible.

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