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2021 NOV 02 Australia WA McGowans School Jab Campaign Your Kids His Mandate Trickery Concealment

Gary Green
Published on 08 Nov 2021 / In News & Politics


Read the fine print on the Department of Health Student injection campaign.

The Lead in clip is a quick short video published to highlight the importance of reading the terms and conditions and what ticking a box as a parent or guardian potentially means.

This video is credited to Meg's thank you for bringing the detail to my attention I will update this later tonight with appropriate acknowledgements.

Reading terms conditions is something most people brush over as a parent or guardian there is no more important time to read and fully understand the implications of ticking a box on a form.

The next day Freedom Media WA visited the Perth Convention and Exhibition Center to see what was happening with the Student Injection Campaign this visit only reinforced the serious concerns surrounding this program

Trickery, Guile, Deceit and Concealment:
Student Injection Campaign Department of Health filled with pure guile and trickery then shrouded with concealment; question what they are trying to hide.

Why All This Guile?

When the Government and Department of Health Covid-19 keep declaring injections are “SAFE”

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ORIGINAL SOURCE Freedom Media WA Trickery: 2021 NOV 01 Australia WA McGowans School Jab Campaign Trickery with Students and Consent https://youtu.be/mD_sclHQO14

ORIGINAL SOURCE Freedom Media WA Concealment: 2021 NOV 02 Australia WA McGowans School Jab Campaign Your Kids His Mandate What Are They Hiding. https://youtu.be/HlfAB6Bz7Uk

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