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2021 DEC 31 NZ Stasi Ransack Ps Bromley Home Destroy items seize Registered

Gary Green
Published on 31 Dec 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣New Zealand Police Force Protectors and Servants of the people; Ah Those were the days my friend We thought they'd never end O M G how wrong were we!!! 2021 DEC 31 just on the Dawn of 2022 we see the handy work of Cindy’s Foot Soldiers, the Stasi, the Brown Shirts the Fascist Enforcers.

⁣Jacinda Ardern has reduced the New Zealand Police Force to a Stasi organisation doing her bidding in enforcing a Totalitarian socialistic Communistic society. Were law abiding citizens are targeted by her Stasi forces under the pretences of pseudo laws which are being manipulated by Senior players who once were considered our Police Force whose prime goal was Protect and Serve the people.

⁣Pastor Carl Bromley is no stranger to the New Zealand Police since the draconian style of governance has become in your face in New Zealand Carl has interacted with the police when they’ve first encountered the communistic style of mass controls of the population and attempted to dictate when and how worship should occur.

⁣At no time has there ever been any threats from Carl or even hints of violence towards Policing Personnel and suggestions of Carl being a threat holding a firearm is pure pantomime and a gross manipulation of the purposes of the laws and powers to seize a firearm when there is a genuine reason for concern for the safety of people from a real not imagined potential threat.

⁣This action is nothing but a stark reflection of how serious the Corruption is within the organisation once commonly known as the “New Zealand Police Force” Which is not what they are in 2021-22; they no longer protect the people and seek to apprehend the violators of the innocent especially if the innocent violated is a “Pastor Carl Bromley” who doesn’t rubber stamp everything the once democrat government body in parliament says and does since 2020, when COVID Madness commenced supplanting Democracy and violating
individuals sovereignty and rights.

⁣The Dawn of 2022 to raid Pastor Carls home we believe was not by chance but rather design and with purpose to make a public statement of the next phase these usurpers of democracy intend to carry out; do not be surprised if you see a broader attempt to seize what little firearms are left in the hands of democracy loving law abiding citizens there is in New Zealand.

⁣We would suggest Pastor Carl needs his home swept for listening bugs and video feed devises as it would not be unreasonable to believe they’ve been planted within his home and place of worship if you have such skills then consider offering to do a full sweep of his home this maybe be a slight tinge of paranoia but it could also be a huge dollop of reality; why because socialistic communistic based society is built on spying on its people developing a dobbing in society, which breeds distrust and fragments the people
and gives the tyrants more power and influences and abilities of carrying out abuses against its opposition


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