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⁣14 Personal Messages to Associate Professor Julian Elliott - Please take the evidence seriously

Published on 21 May 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Personal Messages to Associate Professor Julian Elliott - Please take the evidence seriously - the disaster in Australia can be avoided; Reach Out any time.
Here is the invitation sent by MP Craig Kelly to Professor John Skerrit (TGA), Associate Professor Julian Elliot (NC19T) and Dr Karen Price (RACGP) prior to the Zoom Meeting.
Dear Professor Skerrit, Professor Elliot and Dr Price,

This is a formal and open invitation for you to join a zoom conference discussion at 12 noon, Monday 1st March with world experts on the Early Treatment of Covid19.

⁣So far confirmed participants are;

* Harvey Risch, MD, PhD

* Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH -


* Brian Tyson, MD
George Fareed, MD -
Californian doctors who have a meticulous record of treating over 4000 Covid19
positive patients -

I believe that given the extensive first hand experiences

that these experts have in treating Covid patients, that this would provide
valuable evidence and information for the National Covid19 Evidence Taskforce
to ensure that Taskforce's recommendations (which are relied upon by the TGA,
Health Ministers, Chief Medical Officers, State Premiers and our Prime
Minister) are up to date.

If you have any questions you would like to put directly

to this expert panel, please email me back with the details.

And if you are available for 12 noon on Monday, please
advise by return email and I will email you back the zoom conference log ins.

Craig Kelly MP
Member for Hughes

Note this invitation was ignored by⁣ Professor John Skerrit (TGA), Associate Professor Julian Elliot (NC19T) and Dr Karen Price (RACGP)

As of May 20th the ONLY official written response of ⁣Professor John Skerrit (TGA)
"⁣I remain unconvinced that the phone call you have proposed will be of
use to either party."

⁣Australia Note:

Shame on the Australian TGA - Led by John Skerritt

Shame on the Australian National Covid19 Clinical Evidence Task
Force - Led by Julian Elliott

Look what Australia Does not Have

What appears to be clear is that the Australian Health Authorities, Cheif Medical Officers, Austalian Medical Association, the RACGPS (Karen Price in her silence onthematter) Health Ministers and even the Australian Prime Minister (Scott Morrison) are herding Australians into a one option Covid19 Rescue plan: Clinical Trial Phase Vaccines that have been prepurchased along with 100% indemnification to the manufacturers.
This appears to havebeen orchestrated by signatories to the World Health Organisation, an organisation that has developed very strong ties with advocates of Vaccines including the Vaccine Manufacturers and their biggest Benefactor to the tune of 3.9 Billion USD so far ; Bill Gates through his Bill and Melnda Gates Foundation.

The Vaccines on offer have been characterised as:
a) They are NOT fully approved Vaccines and they ARE still in their Clinical Trial Phase
b) They do not stop the vaccinates from being infected
⁣c) They do not stop the transmission of Covid 19
d) They will likely reduce the severity of Symptoms for Vaccinated
e) The duration of protection is UNKNOWN
f) Long term side Effects are UNKNOWN
g) The disaster Scenario of Antibody Dependant Enhancement seen in Animal trials of the technology has notbeen ruled out
h) The disaster scenario of Immune Escape of the Virus among a population vaccinated with the Virus hasnot been ruled out - as it appears it is playing out in highly immunised countries already with mutant strains appearing in those countries
i) The Selfish side affect of Spike Proteins being produced by the "Vaccinated" shedding onto those that did not choose to take the Vaccine remains an unkown yet acknowleged risk by Pfizer in its testing documents.
j) Priro to release they have not been tested on the Elderly, Pregnant, Children or Immune Compromised
k) They appear to result in 4 times the usual rates of spontaneous abortions in Pregnant women
l) They vave more than 40 times the number of short term adverse events being reported on a pro-rata basis than any other Approved (not Clinical Trial Phase)Vaccine.
m) They have virtually no statistical justification on a risk/benefit analysis for deployment on the majority of the population younger than 70, WHEN early and preventative treatments are made available to at risk groups in the country.

Helping this all along isbig tech including Google and Youtube
Please refer to their "Covid-19 medical 'misinformation' policy"

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